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Privatix Token

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Privatix Network concept explained

What is Privatix Network?

Decentralized and 100% autonomous P2P VPN Network on blockchain with the first Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by own crypto-economy

ethereum powered p2p vpn network
Unused bandwidth monetization
Native token instant payments
100% autonomous and open source
fast and easy proxy software
Network-based products

How it works?

Any user can sell his spare or idle Internet broadband to the Network and get paid for it instantly with crypto. The payments come from buyers, who purchase the bandwidth via third-party applications or directly.

Privatix Scheme

What problem we solve?

Online censorship is growing stronger. As the Internet spreads across the world more people connect to the Web - and face restrictions

Internet censorship
rising fast
Cyber security
and privacy threats
Heavy content slows the Internet down

Governments, big companies, and cyber criminals can watch our every step and intercept personal information. Moreover, the whole Internet is slowing down as its content is getting heavier while the delivery price remains high

Proof of concept products

Privatix intend to create and run several network-based products in order to demonstrate to entrepreneurs and developers how they can use the new platform in a number of innovative ways

Token details

The Privatix Network ecosystem will be based on crypto-economic principles. The only crypto-currency that will be used for buying or selling traffic in the network is PRIX

Token name Privatix Token
Token ticker PRIX
Token type ERC20
Token issuer Privatix Token Ltd (a Gibraltar limited company)
Total supply 10,000,000 PRIX (fixed, no dilution)
Mining No mining or any other means of increasing token amounts will apply to Privatix Token
Token utility Internal crypto-currency to exchange value (utility) between Privatix Network participants
Token special conditions Token exchanges for purpose of buying / selling internet broadband (between Privatix Network participants only) will be subject to commission fee - up to 1% of transaction price in PRIX. No fees for any other transactions and exchanges except payments for bandwidth.

Token sale

In order to achieve our goals as soon as possible we announce the crowdsale of PRIX tokens

Who stands behind Privatix?

Our team has an established record of creating successful internet services in the VPN and cyber security arena for more than 10 years. We have the proven ability to develop amazing products and run successful internet businesses. Check out some of our products below.

Temporary Email Service
Disposable email service that has more than 250,000 daily visitors and filters out more than 10 million spam emails a day. Mobile App with 300,000 installs and 4.8 rating. API for developers.
Privatix VPN
Advanced VPN that can be used by anyone regardless of their level of technical experience. Since 2015 service has got more than 750,000 users in total and has 50,000 users a day
Five Star VPN
Extra secured VPN service for professionals. Provides single, double and triple connections. More than 15,000 paid users. One of our oldest hard-core IT projects from 2012

Our Team

Initial team for Privatix Network development

Dima Rusakov
CEO and co-Founder


Founder, serial entrepreneur and marketer with 10 years of experience in creating and managing successful internet businesses.
BA in Economic and Management (Israel)
Builded from scratch services with 1M$ ARR and 50K DAU.

Business developer with experience in 4 countries (Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

6 years co-Founder and CEO of 5vpn - 15,000 paying users
2 years co-Founder and CEO of Privatix - 750,000 users
2 years co-Founder of Temp-mail - 250,000 daily visitors

Hundreds successful marketing campaigns and partnerships.
High traffic volumes affiliate with broad experience in affiliate networks building.

Former Israeli Air Force military (4.5 years service)
Marathon runner, blockchain enthusiast from 2015

Nikita Kuznetsov
CTO and co-Founder

Software architect and senior full stack developer.
Strong Python skills. Blockchain developer.
Graduated from Computer Science faculty of Bauman University (Moscow).

Facebook | Linkedin | Github | Telegram

Rubtsov Dmitriy
Со-Founder, Chief of operation and Business development

IT Entrepreneur and business developer.
Computer science and cybersecurity degree.
IT management experience with more than 10 internet projects in past 13 years.

Email | Linkedin | Telegram

Vitaly Hnidenko
Head of Development

Full stack developer and team lead with more than 11 years experience.
Lead developer on company projects 5vpn, Privatix and Temp-Mail

Github | Telegram | Email

Viacheslav Yakushev
Head of Infrastructure

Senior DevOps Engineer.
Sysadmin team lead and backend architect.

Linkedin | Email

Viktor Lahman
R&D-team member and full stack developer

Scientist and software engineer with more than 5 years experience.
#1 Master's Degree Mathematics and Computer Science.
#2 Master Degree in Computer Science (Ukraine).

Email | Facebook | Linkedin | Github | Telegram

Timur Appaev
Senior full-stack / JS developer

Frontend Javascript developer with more than 5 years experience.

Email | Facebook | Linkedin | Github

Alexander Shishkin
PPC and media buying

Marketer and PR manager with more than 7 years experience.
Strong skills in traffic acquisition and multilingual campaigns.

Email | Telegram

Mykola Lysiy
Head of QA

Head of QA with broad experience in major platforms.


Yaroslav Krimets
Traffic acquisition specialist

Traffic Acquisition and Analytics Manager with more than 4 years experience with high volume budgets


Andrew Beilyk
Senior android developer

Mobile apps developer with broad experience on android platform


Advisors and Partners

Michael Bereslavsky
Early stage investor and advisor
Panama / Israel

Experienced Internet Entrepreneur and Investor.
Founder and CEO at Domain Magnate.

Linkedin | Twitter | | Facebook

Tseitlin Andrei
Computer science engineer and software architect

Degree from HIT Academy (Israel).
Experienced as CTO and Lead developer in successful Israeli companies.
Blockchain enthusiast from 2015.

Linkedin | Facebook

Leon Brodsky
Experienced IT entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience

Degree from the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology.
Faculty of mathematics & comp sciences.
Experience in development 6 years ( CTO )
Experience in internet marketing 10 years
Experience in company and product management 8 years

Linkedin | Facebook | Telegram

Elad Schulman
CEO and Co-Founder at Segasec

Segasec is a cyber-security startup focused on cyber intelligence and threat protection.
Segasec is aiming to protect organization from phishing, pharming, business email compromise (aka CEO fraud) and ransomware.

Website | Linkedin

Julian Zegelman, Esq.
Corporate Counsel

Julian is an experienced corporate attorney, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is a Managing Parter at Velton Zegelman PC, a boutique corporate and securities law firm with offices in San Francisco (CA), Sunnyvale (CA), and Moscow (Russia). Julian's practice focuses on corporate law, securities, venture capital, and the emerging field of cryptocurrency law. He is currently acting as company's counsel in numerous high profile token crowdsales ("ICO") transactions ranging from Singapore to Delaware. Some of his token crowdsale transactions include Starta Capital, Suretly, ParagonCoin, GoldMint, Propy, Cindicator, Crypto.Tickets and others.

Earlier in his career, Julian was a co-founder and General Counsel of Rolith, Inc., where he focused on fundraising, corporate development, and legal affairs. During his tenure at Rolith, Julian raised multiple rounds of venture capital financing, completed strategic technology deals with large corporate partners, and negotiated inbound and outbound licensing of intellectual property. Rolith was acquired by MetaMaterial Technologies, Inc. in May 2016.

Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

Velton Zegelman PC - San Francisco, CA - legal counsel representing Privatix with respect to structuring the token crowdsale.

Velton Zegelman represents numerous clients in cryptocurrency space, such as miners, crypto exchanges, blockchain software developers, crypto investment funds and issuers of tokens in token crowdsales.

Want to join our awesome team or advisory board? Contact us!


Our plan is to complete the Token Sale by the end of October 2017. Then we will have couple of months until the end of the year when we want to prepare the company for the next steps as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Listing of PRIX tokens in at least 3 popular exchanges

Distributing all bounty tokens to participants and suppliers

Opening or expanding offices in Ukraine, Israel, and Russia

Transferring to third-party management or selling the existing projects of the company

Hiring administrative personnel

November 2017

December 2017

First month priorities

Privatix Network - Alpha (SBN / SAPI / SPEED node)

Privatix.Agent - cross-platform software for exit nodes owners

Q4 / 2017 - Q2 / 2018

Privatix Network Core Development

Consumer VPN based on DPI-free VPN protocol

Advanced Proxy / Socks selling API platform

Privatix Network - Beta release

Q3 - Q4 / 2018

Proof of Concept (PoC) products and Network

Privatix Network - Final release

Privatix.FAAS (SDK)

Privatix.Monetize (SDK)

Q1 - Q2 / 2019

Additional Proof of Concept (PoC) products and Network

Privatix.BOX (Hardware)

Infrastructure for VPN providers

Q3 - Q4 / 2019

Proof of Concept (PoC) products and Network

CDN is the cherry on the cake, a product that is very complicated in technical implementation but with huge market potential. In 2020 our company will strive to create this product and push it to market.

After the product is successfully launched and properly marketed, the capacity of the Privatix Network will increase.

This stage will be implemented if the maximum goal (hard cap) is reached.

Q1 - Q4 / 2020

Blockchain CDN on Privatix Network

US Patent Pending

Our company has "Patent pending" status on the whole Privatix Network concept. We filed a provisional patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office and have a preliminary right in the next 12 months to our ideas


The concept of a decentralized autonomous P2P VPN network on blockchain with its own crypto-economy which will serve the first bandwidth exchange marketplace

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